Training for new pilots, Training for experienced pilots.
- We have 2 rooms for briefing/debriefing and training, multimedia screen, magnetic board, panels (A320 and B737) and air conditioning, everything to provide you with the best comfort. - There are currently 2 static simulators (Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 NG) and one SEP & MEP in the future. - Use our facilities for your company. - Our simulators have a navigation database that is always updated. - Each simulator has 4 monitors that mirror everything the pilots are doing in the cockpit, so that the instructor has a global view of what they are doing. - Our "IOS" trainer stations have included hundreds of faults "eg Windshear ; TCAS normal / blue, LVO, etc). - Training for new riders, Training for experienced riders. - Preparation for Assessments - We started the static simulation in Portugal, with affordable prices for everyone. If you are a professional, don't go to an assessment without preparing yourself in our simulators!


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